About Us


Dominick LaValle is currently President and Field Leader of Air Toxics in the field-sampling group at Valley Environmental Services Canada along with Vice President Operations of Equilibrium Environmental Services in Trinidad and Tobago West Indies. In this capacity, he is responsible for directing the efforts of technicians, engineers, and sub contractors involved in performing routine and complex emissions testing. His responsibilities include, maintaining and minimizing project costs, client liaison, organizing personnel and equipment, scheduling field tests and laboratory analysis, as well as supervising equipment maintenance, and calibration. Dominick is an seasoned Field Test Team Leader who has performed hundreds of manual sampling tests and supervised large, mid, and small field test programs. He has performed the most stringent test programs set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Environment Canada, Ontario & Alberta Ministry of Environment and several other state and provincial agencies for a wide variety of sources. In depth experience testing utility boilers, kilns, incinerators, cement plants, pulp and paper plants, refineries, steel producing facilities, smelters, acid plating plants, and has extensive knowledge conducting international work.



Neil Harper, BSc. Env. Tech, Field Scientist for Ambient and Industrial Hygiene in the field-sampling group at Equilibrium Environmental Services Inc. (Trinidad and Tobago). Since graduating from University of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Harper has worked in environmental consulting specializing in the ambient and hygiene field for the petro-chemical industry in Trinidad. Mr. Harper and Mr. LaValle formed EES in 2004 after working together on previous projects for the previous 9 years. Mr. Harper specializes in ambient and hygiene and how it relates to the petro chemical industry. Mr. Harper will provide support in the calibration and maintenance of instrumentation. 



Tom Ryan, BA Sc.Tech, Field Technician for Air Toxics in the field-sampling group at Valley Environmental Services Inc., Air Monitoring Services Inc.(Western Canada) and Equilibrium Environmental Services Inc. (Trinidad and Tobago). Since graduating from U of T BSc., Mr. Ryan has worked in environmental engineering, specializing in ambient/source emissions testing for over ten years.  Mr. Ryan joined VES Inc. in 2007 and has been involved with many ambient projects including monitoring at: incinerators, electrical generating facilities, cement plants, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants and crematoriums. He is experienced in testing for:  total particulate matter, combustion gases, metals, PAHs, dioxins and furans and particle size distribution (PM10, PM2.5).  Mr. Ryan will be in charge of instrumentation calibration maintenance and integration.